Policy versus personality

I had an interesting discussion the other day, with whom is not really relevant, but it was a social setting not a work one.  The issue that came up was that maybe our President, and I hate to even type his name, is despicable and not what we would hold out as a model for much of anything, but that it is policy that matters.  That we overlook the human flaws because the end game, policies that can be supported ( not many by me) are what matters.

I found this to be somewhat scary.   While I know I can look at these things through rose colored glasses, believing that process matters long term more than short term, it made me think about what is politics?  What does it seek to accomplish?  Are we part of a country with long term goals, and long term goals of being a country that others aspire to follow, or more that we are a country, becoming more isolated daily, that all that matters is our end game, the end of reason or the end of objectives.     Believing this means we overlook personality,  that we over look not just flaws, but fatal flaws that we would pray our children don’t have, or that we would not want to associate with on a daily basis.  I can’t support this, I believe that as a country we should aspire to more. Policies will come and go, as they always have. What may work today will be looked back on 50 years from now as absurd, short sighted or maybe brilliant.  But the reality is we are here for along time, and that personality, and more than that inherent traits of our leaders should in fact matter.

We want our leaders to be people we respect, so they can in fact lead us, guide us and act in our best interest, not just in the best interest of people they like, which is what we have now.  As a country, we must drive for better and it makes me a little sad, if not just effected, that we no longer want our leaders to be better than us.  We just want them to make us feel good about ourselves.

A sad state of times, no matter what side you are on.



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