The presidency of conceit

I will add my name and voice to the thousands if not more people writing and musing on all of the happenings in Washington   As someone who believes in process, and in the idea that our system is built to withstand tyranny, or judgment or just an elected rouge leader such as that which we have now, it is somewhat horrifying to see that my lofty ideals may not be those of others or might just be wrong.  The country was founded on the ideals that we could in fact withstand something like President Trump, who fails to see, understand or recognize that our country is greater than he is.
We can agree or disagree on policies, in fact some of what he has proposed I do not even disagree with and I agree with so many others that he has no policy, that he really doesn’t even likely care except to feed his own sense of ego, victory or hubris.  Which is why in some sense  president Pence is so scary, he is the epitome of a right wing idealouge, who will be far more concerned with implementing his extreme polecats, than he will be with winning, which is what the current President cares about.    You can disagree with much of President Obama’s policies, or Bush or Clinton, but and certainly being president involves a certain amount of ego, it has to, but you always had the sense, agree or disagree, that they had a sense of history, or a job that was bigger than them and that while winning was important, it was winning for principal and ideas not winning to win so you could step on your opponent and gloat.
So we are left with the hope that democracy and a sense of republic will prevail, that in the end, most Americans will realize that what we have elected, and vote for him or not, “we” did elect him, and he is our President.    All we can hope is that good sense prevails, that all but the most extreme will wake up one day and realize that the salesman has sold us, sold us well, and that we purchased his bill of goods.  But like all bills of goods, there is a return policy and let’s hope this one does not expire soon.