Thoughts on doing nothing and activities to cure

By:  Scott Sitner-Birmingham Michigan

So home for a month with so much to do and so little to do, so I have compiled a stupid list of things to do when you have nothing to do and some things that seemed like a good idea to do then became sort of a waste of time, in no particular order:


  1.  Realize that your kid who is home from college because the dorms closed and he had to leave all her friends, is not nearly as happy to see your as you are to see her. Try not to force food on them they don’t want or ask too many times “is there anything I can do for you?”  Because well, at 21 years old and having lived alone, there is not much your can do for them  except stay out of the way and realize they are adults.

2)     Cleaning your disgusting basement is a good thing, sort of cathartic.  Realizing that one of the cats has been peeing on a bag of someone’s shoes, not so much.  Time to give away all of the rest of the 19 bags of clothing you have been hoarding, not even a bad word, for the last three years.  and Get rid of that mattress no one will ever use.

3)     Think long and hard about ordering carry out from the capital grille or insert name of other fancy restaurant.  It just doesn’t work.  I like steak as much as anyone, but really, by the time it gets home it’s cold, you re heat it and it is well done.  That being said the veggies and potatoes stay remarkably tasty, as does the shrimp cocktail, but really, 45 dollars plus tax and tip for ten shrimp suddenly seems less special when you eat in on your couch and the cat samples the sauce.

4)  Realize that this is just a totally bizarre time, that you will in fact break the law by going to a friend’s house, being a rebel can by fun.  Realize that your do not really need to go to the grocery store when the shut down is announced, that in fact there is and will be food.  Maybe not toilet paper and paper towels, but we can always improvise can’t we?

5)  Your kid really doesn’t appreciate your sparkling wit about her boyfriend as much as you think.  Remember that when being told for the tenth time.

6)  It’s ok to not want to be with someone all the time, it’s ok to wish you had a stupid big house and could hide in one of the wings with the staff and your own fridge.

7)  Bide your time, find activities, try not to watch the news and rising death count every day, it doesn’t help.  Contact your other child who did not come home, annoy her.

8)  Be equal parts grateful and sad your parents can’t come back from Florida.  I know it’s hot there, and it’s snowing here, lesser of two evils?  The grass is always greener, which it never really is but that’s a whole different issue.  But really as little as there may be to do in florida, you can walk on a beach, hit a few balls, go in the pool, sit on the balcony.  As I sit and write this, it’s snowing.

Lastly, just accept what is happening, be depressed sometimes, be annoyed, try and laugh and realize that as with anything bad or unpleasant or annoying, it will in fact get better.  Someday.  as I look at my sad lonely golf clubs in my front hall


scott sitner-April 2020

Birmingham MI