Frozen shoulder-a primer

I am writing this as there is a dearth of first hand information about there about “Frozen Shoulder”. Take all at face value, I am not a doctor, although I have a doctor in the family. Hopefully someone can get some idea of what to expect and to follow progress and maybe not just feel alone or as I do sometimes, just fell silly saying what I have. I can tell even my father who is a doctor, thinks I am making something up. Any questions, feel free to make a comment here or to e mail me at

This all started in mid january 2017. I had spent weeks in europe, no issues and a few weeks at home with no problem. About the middle of the month I had what for me was a tell take sign. When I tried to reach quickly for something it was beyond painful. grabbing something that was going to fall off the passenger seat, reaching to turn on a light over my head during the night, trying to play guitar while sitting down, acoustic, were all excruciating. I was doing some traveling with my daughter and a few ties she noticed I was in essentially agony. It was not constant, I think the pain is a little more constant now, three months later, but rarely has it been totally life limiting. Reaching, leaning on it to get up from a couch, and pain during the night, although I can still sleep, just not great.

I assumed this was nothing major, and decided for the first month to even travel and I took a golf trip. I played three times in four days I could play, a driver at full bore was impossible. The pain after the swing, and I could swing, was unbearable. But I was and am able to swing with irons and woods, just slower and I don’t follow through. But a month later it was no better and I had a tournament to play in, so I saw an ortho. I got a shot, of no help, he did an ultrasound which showed really nothing and PT was prescribed. because of approvals and such that was three weeks later.

For better or worse I did play in the tournament, it was doable but very limiting. I am an 8 handicap so I do play and with a 35 MPH wind each day it was very hard and painful. Warming up helped, but yardage was 3/4 at best and certain shows like sand shots, wow. So I came home and it was my PT who said what I had. He said if I had a tear, it would be unbearable, and it was clear what I had because of the limitations of lifting my right arm behind my back from butt up to back(the worst) and similar stretches. We have embraced on a series of stuff twice a week. What I have found is that it gives me relief that day but nothing long term, I am walking and doing things at home, but will probably stop the PT after another week.

Interestingly I can lift things with no issue, including suitcases and heavy bags as long as I keep the motion simple. Quick movements are very painful. Laying down hurts, but sitting up is better. Advil helps, but not much. The one thing I have been told, and another trip to Florida is next week, is that this is all pain tolerance and ROM tolerance My PT said swing as hard ad I want if I can absorb the pain.(can’t) but I can’t make it worse. I do notice ebbs and flows, some days I have nothing but ROM issues, other days, like today, shooting pains, although the weather doesn’t help. Typing a lot makes it slightly worse, but doable.

I will update every month or so, but hopefully this helps some people who have no where to turn and who get odd looks of disbelief……

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